Nepal 1: Kathmandu to Pokhara


There is only one word to describe our feelings flying into Nepal: broken. Kathmandu Airport would be the fourth airport we would frequent in less than 24 hours. Add to that the lethal combination of jetlag and general sleeplessness, and you understand where we come from.

Kathmandu itself was pretty hectic, hence no pictures. However, the impressions were lasting: busy streets, honking, smog, … you get the idea. At night the atmosphere changed 180 degrees, and our walk through the streets was lovely. We even managed to arrange a guide for our Annapurna mountain trek starting tomorrow.

After another short night (but our first one in an actual bed since the start of the trip!), we flew to Pokhara – the base camp city for many mountain adventures. The trip itself started in the domestic terminal of Kathmandu Airport (yes, that is what is on the picture!):


We survived, no worries. It was a hilarious experience though: everything was under construction, there were giant bushels of garlic being shipped and it was a miracle that we ended up on the plane. Actually, that was something else we wanted to share with you: the flight to Pokhara itself:

How about that for a teaser for our trek starting tomorrow! We are currently packing everything, and leave tomorrow at 8 AM to do the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. You will not hear from us for about a week as we only take the strictly necessary items with us. The next post may therefore take a while.

 We leave you with some more pictures from our day in Pokhara:




One thought on “Nepal 1: Kathmandu to Pokhara

  1. OKeeee nu gaat t dus echt beginnen!!! Doe rustig aan en forceer nix. Wat een super foto’s van t meer en van de blauwe bootjes….Wie is de fotograaf bij jullie? Vanuit een winderig en regenachtig Neeritter ga ik jullie volgen. Lik van Lotje en groet van Jan…..


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