Myanmar 1: Yangon

Myanmar!!! Finally, we were in the country we had been so looking forward to visiting! Even before touching down in Yangon, we spotted the golden pagoda (picture above) from the plane looking beautiful. The Yangon airport itself is quite small, so not long after touchdown we were already in a taxi to our hostel. During the taxi ride we noted that Yangon was clean, with good roads, and no crappy huts we had gotten used to seeing in India, which surprised us.

Our hostel was located in Chinatown, so we walked around looking for a good place to eat. We noticed that meals were not so expensive here, for 3/4 euro you could eat amazing fresh seafood! Other items, however, were. It was strange to see that in a country which is supposedly poor, the daily life is so expensive. But on the other hand, we didn’t notice that people were struggling to survive either (nor here, nor in other places in Myanmar).

The next two days, we were ‘golden pagoda’ hunting (and a little other sightseeing). In Yangon, there are many golden pagoda’s, and we saw a few pretty impressive ones. But the nicest one by far of course remained the Shwedagon Pagoda. We visited it for a few hours, from before sunset until well after. In any light, it is spectacular!

The final evening, we took a nightbus to our next destination: Bagan!

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