Thailand 1: Family (JH’s) and tigers!

In Thailand, we met up with JH’s mother, brother and sister. Besides the fact that it was great to see them again, it also came with some additional perks: luxurious stays (pools!), no more arranging on the spot (most things were taken care of), good food and pricey excursions. On day 1, we did a canal tour of Bangkok, went to the great palace and had diner in the highest tower in town (with beautiful panorama views).

On day 2, we went west, saw the famous market on the train tracks, visited a floating market, and saw a handful of temples.

Day 3 was the most interesting day of all: we went to visit the so-called Tiger Temple, situated near the Burmese border. At first we were quite skeptical, after having heard worrisome accounts of animal sedation and even abuse. In fact, we may have been one of the last to even visit the place (a mistake with the permits on behalf of the new management has left the organization prone to the will of the government/politics – and some of the animals had already been taken away). After having experienced the place, we are as convinced as non-experts can be: tigers are treated really well at the Tiger Temple (they are well-fed, show zero signs of sedation/abuse, live in large confinements and are playful towards each other and humans). On a less serious note now: it was an absolutely incredible morning!
We have hundreds of pictures of the day, but here are some of the most interesting ones:




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