Philippines 1: Wrecks!!

After a long travel, which included a bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok, a flight to Manila, and a next day small aircraft to Coron, we finally arrived on our first Philippine destination: Coron. Coron is a very small village that revolves around 1 thing, which is wreck diving. Around Coron there are many large wrecks of Japanese war vessels, sunken during the Second World War. It is one of the only destination in the world where you can actually enter the ships, which sometimes still have the bones of the Japanese laying inside. We dove for 2 days, and entered four very different wrecks (between 70 and 130 meters in length!), but also dove at a coral reef, and at a unique lake. No photos, but the video below captures all our dives fortunately:) At the coral reef we swam with a turtle (unique for JH), and the lake was amazing as well. This lake had sweet water at its top of around 22 degrees Celsius, and then came layers of increasingly hot water, until 36 degrees due to volcanic activity, and then suddenly came a final layer of cold salty water. It’s crazy to feel the temperature differences on your skin as you descend. If you hold one hand up high and one low, your top hand can be cold and your bottom really hot and vice versa! Also, it’s like swimming in see-through syrup in the places where it mixes, which is even more awesome. You can actually see the water mix as you wave your hands!

Okay then, one picture from our island hopping day at Coron (Coron itself has no beach):

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