Philippines 2: Relax Time & Very Big Fishies

Typhoon Noul… Exactly when we wanted to travel to Legazpi and visit Donsol to dive with whalesharks, it was expected to reach these places… But let’s get back to our time in Panglao first.

We flew from Coron to Cebu, after which we took a ferry to Bohol. From Bohol we took a tuk-tuk, which dropped us of in Alona Beach on Panglao Island an hour later. A lot of travelling, but that is how you go anywhere in the Philippines. We were supposed to stay here for 4 days only, to relax. But then the typhoon was expected to go over Legazpi and Donsol exactly when we would be there, so last minute we decided that our lives were more valuable than two expensive plane tickets, and we rebooked everything to stay in Alona Beach for 5 more days, and skip Donsol and Legazpi completely. In the end, typhoon Noul did not go over Legazpi and Donsol, but it did pass so closely that we would have had heavy rains and stormy seas, so we are glad we made the choice to stay here.

The 9 days we spend here went by very fast. Finally we had the time to read several books, write some more blogs posts (sorry for the delay), and get some much needed relax time at the beautiful beach.

Starfish at Alona Beach
Starfish at Alona Beach

We even saw whalesharks! We took a daytrip from here to Oslob, where they also have them. The difference between these two places is that in Oslob they feed the sharks, and in Donsol they don’t, which is why we initially wanted to go to Donsol. However, at Oslob we were able to swim with many whalesharks at the same time, and they lingered, which doesn’t happen at Donsol. Even though it was touristy, we were one of the only persons in the water and actually swimming with the sharks. Most tourists were Asians, and they either couldn’t swim, or they were too afraid to let go of the boat, so we had the whalesharks pretty much all to ourselves! Take a look at the video below to see some amazing shots of our dive!!

All the best from beautiful Alona Beach from this now very tanned couple!


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