Indonesia 2: Temple tripping from Yogja

After a 5.5 hour train ride with constant Allah songs (hopefully just because it was Ramadan), we arrived in Yogjakarta. The 10th taxi driver was finally kind enough to accept to drive us to our hotel on a meter and not by charging crazy prizes. Yogjakarta looked very different from Surabaya. There is a whole tourist industry here, with the whole main road (Malioboro) lined with tourist stalls. Our hotel was located in a quiet area though, and pretty nice. We had a small swimming pool and weren’t bothered too much by city sounds (traffic and mosques). We would stay here for 3 more days after today, and we started by booking our days trips to Borobodur and Prambanan. Both are temple complexes located near Yogja. We went to Prambanan first. Prambanan is a Hindu complex with several temples located near each other. We went there just before sunset, so we were able to see the sun set through the temples, which was beautiful. Afterwards, we went to the Prambanan ballet, called Ramayana. It was an amazing performance, with the actors wearing beautiful outfits. In the background you could see the Prambanan temples nicely lit. During the last scene of the first half, we even had a big fire set to the stage! All in all great entertainment:)

The next morning, we got up at 4.30 to be on time to see the sun rise in Borobodur, before the big tourist buses would arrive. Borobodur is one huge Buddhist temple. It was really impressive to see the temple so beautifully lit and walk around it while the sun slowly rose.

On our final day in Yogja, we went to the historical centre, called Kraton. There were hardly any people there, just some children and a couple of ducks;) It looked a little dilapidated, but still impressive. At night we had a really tasteful dinner at Via Via, a hostel with its own tour agency and store/bakery. They have their own chef, and our meals were crazy good!

The next afternoon, we went to the airport to catch our flight to Lombok. We would climb Mount Rinjani by ourselves and then continue onwards to the Gili Islands, only we would never fly…

Due to the eruption of a volcano called Raung, no flights were leaving towards Lombok, or any other nearby location. So we were stuck. This was very frustrating, as we had already booked all our accomodation. Back in Yogja late at night, we canceled the accomodations we could in Lombok and Gili, and then went to the tourist agencies to check our options. We quickly discovered that our only option was to take a 3 day tour which would drive from Yogja via Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen to Bali. Souns exciting? Wait till you hear about it;)

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