Indonesia 4: Komodo diving and dragons!

(Very) early morning, we arrived at Denpasar airport in Bali eager to see if we were able to fly this time, as there were now not 1 but 2 active vulcanoes nearby. Fortunately, there was no problem and without delay we landed in Labuan Bajo in Flores. We could walk from the airport to our hotel, which was nice. Our hotel is still under construction, which we knew, and meant a lower price.. But the reception personnel (there were 4!) were clearly also not ready for customers, as they had no idea what they were doing, and made mistake after mistake. Eventually we would find out that one of them couldn’t read, yet tried to work on the computer, and so everything turned into an even bigger chaos. Anyway, it’s very nice here except for that.

The first evening we walked into the ‘city centre’, and arranged to dive on Sunday. There are many beautiful dive sites here, one even ranks as high as the top 10 in the world! So we’re very excited about doing that tomorrow. We also had a great italian dinner, although the prices are quite high here for food. But we couldn’t eat one more cup of noodles, so it was necessary:P

The next two days we did five dives, and we lucky enough to see mantas for the first time at manta point. Yes!!:) Unfortunately though, even as both days we dove with different dive companies, both days the dive boat broke down nearing the end of the dives (that’s why on day 1 we only did 2 dives instead of 3), and so it took forever to get back to Labuan Bajo and we contracted a cold.

On our final day, we went to Rinca island to see the Komodo dragons, and then do some snorkeling. We saw 4 komodos in total, of which one was an adult female of two meters making a nest! This was pretty special, as it is mating season now, and so most komodos are living inland, and not near where we were walking. After this, we went to two islands to snorkel and chill. Both islands were gorgeous, textbook tropical paradise. Beautiful day:)

Our stay on Flores was over, and without problems we flew back to Bali for our last week in Indonesia.

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