Layover Reykjavik

So… after almost exactly 3 years, we’re back at it again. The next 6-8 months we’ll be exploring the Americas & South-Pacific!

This trip started with a short layover in Iceland on our flight to New York. Though we were tired and we only had 7 hours, the spirit of adventure empowered us to spend those in the capital instead of the airport. It helped that we were off by one 0 when doing the currency conversion for the bus into town. Yikes, Iceland is expensive 🙂

That bus ride was stunning though: the barren landscape, rough terrain, and sights of volcanoes & geysers in the distance.

Geysers of the Blue Lagoon in the distance

The city itself was even smaller than we expected: it’s got one true shopping street, a waterfront, some government buildings & one strange-looking church on a hilltop.

The colourful main shopping street


We had about 2 full hours before we wanted to catch the bus back, and weirdly … that was enough.

Onto the Big Apple!


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