New York City

We got out of JFK airport a bit after midnight. After a quick Uber to the hotel and a run-in with some naked ladies in our double-booked room, it was finally time for some shuteye.

The first real day we started off with the empire state building, a block away from where we stayed. The line up was manageable, and the views spectacular. Then came the wait for the elevator down though, the first of quite a few tedious queues in the city.

Afterwards, we walked down to Times Square, dipping into stores periodically to get that sweet aircon. No nickname more appropriate than concrete jungle – especially when it comes to the temperature this time of year.

Times Square

After that: dino time! The Natural History museum is a real treasure, especially the fossil halls.


We concluded the day with a stroll through Central Park. Seriously, there are soooo many interesting birds there!

On day 2, we walked the Brooklyn Bridge together with some friends from Zürich:

Meeting friends @ Brooklyn Bridge

We went back to Manhattan afterwards, where we spent a lovely afternoon in Battery Park (queuing for the Statue of Liberty cruise in the blistering heat for 1.5 hours :P). Cruise plus island were really nice though, so we enjoyed the NY skyline from a soft patch of grass for a bit before cruising back.

Lady Liberty
NY Skyline

We concluded the day with a visit to the incredibly impressive 9/11 memorial & museum (seriously: kudos to those who designed that experience), and dinner in Chinatown. A real meal never felt so good after all these Subways, burgers & snacks.

The next morning we started the day off with the MET.

MET exhibition mixing catholic relics with modern fashion designs & cool music

The Guggenheim provided us with a pleasant afternoon and a flashback to Switzerland as it currently featured works of Giacometti (a Swiss sculptor and painter).

Later we experienced the city some more by walking through SoHo and Little Italy. We walked through a film set in SoHo btw!

Found this gem during our city walk
Starring in an unknown movie shot in SoHo;)

On our last day we visited the only attraction not on our CityPass (great decision to buy that thing), the MoMA, before walking to Penn Station for 20 min carrying our backpacks to catch our flight to San Fran.

MoMA exhibition by Bodys Isek Kingelez: awesome futuristic maquettes. We also saw his city in 3D virtual reality!

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