San Francisco

After a 6 hour flight and another Uber, to our hostel this time, we tucked in for an early night (it’s 3 hours earlier in SF than in NY).

The next morning we awoke even earlier than usual due to our roommates, but after baking & finishing some American pancakes, we were ready to go discover San Fran.

We rented bikes for the day, and started our route across the city. What a difference compared to NY: we smelled pine trees in the parks, and enjoyed the fresh salty air.

For the next 10 hours, we were blown away (literally) by the typical winds and beautiful, hilly scenery.

Now some obligatory Golden Gate Bridge shots (which we crossed twice because we just loved the people walking in the bike path):

Bridge – with bike

Picking blackberries for extra energy along the way…

O Hi Mark
Bridge – with Joske
Bridge – with selfie
Bridge – other side
Bridge – bright-looking

Stopping by the Palace of Fine Arts…

If you’re going… to San Francisco …

And back on the bike again…

Bridge – ominous-looking
Bridge – yep still there

Stopping at Pier 39 to watch some seals and eat delicious clam chowder…

Game of Seals

Heading towards Chinatown for dinner…

Bicycle, BICYCLE


The next day we decided to go out on foot. We walked to the City Hall, and walked right into the annual Filipino Street Parade!


Dance, dance
City Hall with my awesome San Fran cap (got sun burnt yesterday with all the biking)

Our walk took us to the Yerba Buena Gardens, an open space in central San Fran where the Filipino Festival continued. After chilling there and looking at the Martin Luther King memorial, we crossed the street to the SF MoMA.

As we went to the MoMa already, we just entered to see the two floors open to the public.

Even without a virtual reality set we had some good fun with the art works…

Who is this mystic dancer?

All this art watching made us hungry, so we crossed the street again for a plate of delicious Filipino street food.

The afternoon heat called for the beach, so we went back to our hostel, grabbed our towels, and walked the hour to the beach.

Lombard Street obligatory detour

And finally, beach:

Dipping into the chilly Pacific for a swim with the seals. Escaping Alcatraz (in the back) doesn’t seem that impossible to us Dutchies!

We ended the day at Pier 39 again (seeing those seals playing and just generally being awkward) and grabbed our favorite food here, clam chowder.

Next up, roadtrip #1 to Fish Camp!

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