Roadtrip 3: Death Valley

We got up at 5AM to beat the heat in Death Valley. Spoiler: we failed. Anyway, the motel we stayed at was kind of bad (main issue: the air conditioning was more like a jet engine sound emulator), so we barely slept anyway. The 2.5 hour drive there was very scenic in the morning light: fields of Joshua trees, endless deserted roads & nice mountain ranges:

Joshua trees…
… to hang from?
Endless roads …
… to jump on?

Jenk liked that particular activity a bit too much…


We got to the park’s first actual attractions (sand dunes) around 9.15 AM – the temperature had surpassed 40 degrees by then:

Sand dunes
Almost looks like a beach!

Artists drive & palette were next, followed by Badwater Basin & Zabriskie point. All were stunning, but also blazing hot. The 45 minute hike to the actual salt flats at Badwater Basin (85m below sea level) was borderline dangerous. When its 46+ degrees, there is very little you can do to cool the body. What you should NOT be doing is conducting a jumping picture photo shoot for them sweet likes on Instagram…. (follow me hehe: jan_henk_game).

Anyway, here are the pictures – another incredible day:

Artists Palette
85m below sea level – lower than we’ve ever been (including diving!)
Badwater basin
Salt growing up
Someone’s hot 🙂
Zabriskie Point

We got to Vegas around 3PM, and had all sorts of plans for the rest of the day. None materialized, instead we crashed in our hotel suite, did some laundry, and went for an early night 🙂


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