Roadtrip 4: Hoover dam to Hurricane

After sleeping in as we had a late night yesterday, we got back in the car for an hour’s drive to the Hoover dam. When we got there, we had to get through a lot of security before being allowed on the dam. But it was worth it as the size of this dam is impressive.

Trying to capture the whole height of the dam while not falling over backwards…
Staying hydrated in 40+ heat:)

We jumped back in the car and drove for another 2 hours, making some photo stops along the way as usual, before stopping at Red Rock for lunch in the heat.

Such a chore, driving through these landscapes…
Getting a break from the sun at Red Rock

After another couple of hours on the road, we reached the Valley of Fire, the only park where our America the Beautiful annual pass won’t allow us entry. Just the drive through the park alone though was worth the 10 dollar it cost us to get in.

Quick stop along the route to the Valley of Fire

We reached the Fire Wave trail, and got out for the 2k hike.

At 40+ degrees, we were careful to take it slow.

Start of the hike trail to the Fire Wave. Took us over an hour to go in this heat.

And then….

Mesmerizing, even when there was a quick cloud! (Can you spot Joske?)


After nearly overheating, we got back to our car, pumped the aircon to max, and drove the last 2 hours to Hurricane, a small Mormon village in Utah that is our final stop for today.

Tomorrow, we’ll go visit Zion park!

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