Roadtrip 7: Horseshoe bend & Antilope canyon

We started our day off at the Horseshoe bend, which lies just outside Page. I first remember seeing the Horseshoe bend in our Geography book in high school, and it left an impression. It’s amazing to be able to see it with my own eyes now.


It was already really hot, so we jumped back into our aircon car and started driving towards Antilope canyon. You have an upper and a lower part, upper being closed at the top and broad at the bottom, and a lower part, which has a V shape. The most expensive photo ever taken is actually from the upper part of Antilope canyon!

We found out rather late that you should reserve your spot in a canyon tour months before, as you cannot go unsupervised and it’s popular. So we booked a week in advance the last available slot of a “Deluxe” tour through the lower part of Antilope canyon. Deluxe meaning fewer people in one tour (7 instead of 15), but also a lot more expensive (and they informed us this did not include a hefty tip for our guide at the end).

We were not disappointed.

To say we were impressed is an understatement. Everything, from our guide to the lights and colours in the canyon were overwhelming. Let the pictures speak for themselves:

The angel
Calcium deposits sticking out of the canyon walls
Those lines…


Do you see the indian with his feathered headdress?
Coming out of the canyon again is a surreal experience

Wow, that was just incredible! Stepping back into the blistering sun felt strange.

We drove a couple more hours, to arrive at our bed for the night in Monument Valley, a tent! Tomorrow, we’ll discover this area, and continue on towards the Grand Canyon with a special stop…



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