Grand Canyon

While driving towards the Grand Canyon, the ground gradually opens up, to reveal the ever deepening canyon below.


It was quite the sight, especially with threatening thunder and rains.

We arrived in the Grand canyon, and decided to see some first sights, prior to checking into our hotel.

View on the Colorado river, now red from the sands washing into the river from the cliffs

The clouds forming in the canyon post the rains were a nice sight.

Very windy and cold up top at the Visitor Center tower

Slowly, the sun came out, and we could loose our jackets again.


This view got our appetites up for tomorrow’s hike

We checked in at our hotel in Grand Canyon Village, and not a minute too soon, as another thunderstorm with horrible rains started just after we took in our backpacks. We’re so glad we did not spend this night in a tent;)

After some bubbly time in the hotel spa, we set our alarm for an early start, as we would be hiking the South Kaibab trail until Skeleton point, a 640m elevation hike, the next morning. Grand canyon hikes are quite unique, as you start at the top, and make our way down first, before climbing back up again.

Waking up at 7 when it feels like 6AM (damn you, timezones) is hard. We arrived at the trail, and the temperature was nice and cool from yesterday’s storms. There was more rain predicted, but only at 1PM, so we thought we had enough time to be back before that. The first views were inspiring:

The trail suffered some damage from rock slides and small rivers running down the cliffs due to yesterday’s rains.

Later we did see teams cleaning up the rocks, which was pretty fast.

The rain is coming…

We met a park ranger who informed us that there would be a thunderstorm at 10AM, but we decided he was wrong.

And… we’re in the rain but we made it
View from the other side of the canyon: this one was not full of rain

Fortunately, it seemed like we were at the edge of the clouds, and after about 10 min the rain stopped. Google weather was right after all:)

The hike back up wasn’t taxing, especially with these clouds and cool temperatures.

We went native on the way back and got creative with limestone lying around. Tada!

We were back up at around 11, and went back to the hotel for siesta time.

At 5, we did the Red shuttlebus route to Hermit’s rest, via Hopi and Pima point. The views were again wonderful, and for the first time, there was no wind and no rain which made the afternoon feel very relaxed.


On the way back to the car, we spotted (for the 3rd time that day) a majestic creature (nope not a rabbit, not a mule deer, although we did see both again today):

A massive elk. We saw 3 grazing together.

It’s incredible how much wildlife we’ve seen so far.

Tomorrow we’ll leave the Grand canyon to go to Flagstaff, stopping at two more sites along the way. Looking forward to that!



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