Hawaii: Honolulu


From the sky you can already see how different Oahu is from all other Hawaiian islands. There’s a large city with skyscapers and all!

We landed on Honolulu airport late afternoon, and took a bus into the city. 2 Hours later, we finally arrived at our place near Waikiki beach. The bus driver was taking the Hawaiian spirit a little too literally, and stopped at a random resort for a 20 minute pee break after the worst road rage we’ve ever seen…

After dropping off our bags, we walked the 5 minutes to the beach, and waited for the fireworks to start which take place every Friday. Lucky us!

What a warm welcome!

After the fireworks, we walked the strip along Waikiki beach. We came across the statue of Paoa Kahanamoku. The “father of international surfing” was covered in fresh lei’s (the fresh Hawaiian orchid necklaces).


It was nice to be in the “civilization” of a big city again;) We tried some local delicacies, of which Spam sushi was the weirdest. It’s sushi without sushi, and then there’s a layer of Spam (canned grounded meat) put on top. It looks horrible, but the taste is actually pretty good!

Nothing makes Spam sushi look attractive, but this evening light for sure doesn’t help!

We spotted some interesting candy in one of the local stores on our walk along the strip:


The next day we rented a surf board for the day, and surfed and chilled on Waikiki beach.

Trying to act like the locals

It went pretty well! Jenk caught quite a few waves and even a turn, and Jos managed to stand on the board for the first time!


We enjoyed a beautful sunset (see featured image), before moving accomodations to a place that did have aircon (you needed that here as you were in a city now). We were exhausted from a day of surfing and slept before we knew it!

The next morning, we decided to walk to Diamond Head Crater to see the views over Honolulu from its top. The Diamond Crater is an old volcano cone with a military basis inside. It’s quite a tough walk to climb to the crater edge from the inside.

It took us 3 hours return trip on a sunny, windstill day. We’ve never sweat so much in our lives.

The views were worth it!

Sweaty people blocking the view of Honolulu
View looking back into the crater
Just mesmerizing!

After making it back to the bottom of the crater, we treated ourselves to some well-deserved shaved ice. You definitely need to try this in Hawaii!

Rainbow shaved ice: strawberry, pineapple and coconut flavored ice chips

Late afternoon, we ventured out again. Jenk went boogieboarding while Jos went for a long walk across the beach (ahem, also shopping malls)..

A starry sky above Waikiki beach

We went to the local foodstalls to see what they had to offer for dinner. Some local options looked very interesting…

One of the many stalls selling deliciously smelling food
Hotdog with marshmallows and cheesepuffs, anyone?

We went for sirloin steak and fresh mahi mahi fish. The steak melted on your tongue, and the mahi mahi was super tasty. We splurged on a double waffle with icecream and cut fresh fruits with chocolate for dessert. Yumm!

The day after, we spent the morning updating our travel financials (needs doing every now and again), and during the afternoon we tried boogieboarding with fins on. For Jenk it was easier than surfing, but for Jos it was hard getting the required speed.

Swaying palmtrees reflection

When the sunset we shared with dozens of other people at the beach had faded, we went into the direction of the foodstalls again. We stopped along the way when we spotted a poké place, and were not disappointed. We enjoyed another sirloin steak with garlic shrimp to top it off, and went home with happy tummies:)


Tomorrow, it will be time to fly to one of the dream destinations that’s been on our bucketlists for a long time… Tonga! A small Pacific island kingdom, where you can swim with whales. How awesome is that? We’re super excited!

One thought on “Hawaii: Honolulu

  1. Wat een trip. Het hangt van superlatieven in elkaar. Volgens mij komen jullie uitsluitend mooie dingen tegen. Super goed gepland én de ad hoc beslissingen vielen toch in de smaak.
    Op naar een ander avontuur. Ik lees de blogs met een dikke glimlach.
    Bedankt, goede reis en vaart.


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