French Polynesia: Luxury at Bora Bora

Fresh from Rangiroa, we arrived back in Papeete. Our flight for Bora Bora would only leave the next day. So we found ourselves walking through the town once more, this time finding some funny places.

Chick getting ready to fulfill his destiny…
Papeete fruit & vegetables market
Awesome 3D art at the ferry terminal

The morning came, and before we knew it, we were in a plane overlooking beautiful Bora Bora!!

Our resort lies all the way in the back of this picture, where the main island ends

We landed, and were greeted by deep blue waters and a gorgeous view. Not many airports I know are in such a pretty place.

View from the airport
We got a flower lei, and by private boat were transported to our resort

From our boat we could see how unique the water around Bora Bora is. It truly has every shade of blue you can possibly imagine. So pretty! As we approached our resort, located on a private island, we could hardly contain our enthusiasm. How wonderful to stay  here and relax after 2.5 months of travelling!

View of our resort on its own island as we approach
Welcome ceremony at the resort’s pier
View from the pier onto the island. Not bad…
Even better:)

We were led to our home for the next 5 days; an overwater bungalow!

Hells yes;)
Some welcome gifts on our bed
It has a see-through floor window. How awesome!

First thing we did after settling in, was getting into the crystal clear water for a snorkel. This resort has the best reef in Bora Bora, and when we found that out while booking, our decision was made:P

The best reef lies just behind our island

On our first snorkel, we already found a few cool fish!

A flying gurnard
A pipefish (and a threatened fish)

We got back to our room, and then set out again for the sunset, and a lovely dinner.

You can watch the sunset very nicely from the top of the island’s hill
Bora Bora’s iconic mountains as our dinner view
Haute cuisine for the next 5 days. True upgrade from our normal meals:)

In the morning, we discovered that we have a baby house-shark! Or Sharky, as we nicknamed him. He cruises by every morning and afternoon!

Very small baby black tip shark

Over the next days, it became a ritual to start the day with a snorkel around the island.

Crystal clear waters with lots of fish and corals
Colourful fish beneath our bungalow

The afternoons were spent relaxing on our deck, in the bungalow, or on the island’s pretty beach.

The view from our deck
A toast to the good life!

What’s great about the resort is that each day, we received a new treat. Be it pareos, a manicure, a yoga class, or a pearl. Really thoughtful!

There are lots of fish on the reef behind our island. We found that if we brought food, they would all come and swim around us.

Fish extravaganza
Feeling like we’re in an aquarium!
We ❤ Bora Bora
Enjoying the views above water as well

Later in the afternoon, we took the boat to the mainland. I picked a free pearl from the resort’s pearl shop, and we went on a walk to Marara beach.

The glossiest Tahiti pearl I’ve ever seen
Romantic walk at Bora Bora’s nicest beach; Marara beach

On our final day, we got breakfast served at our bungalow.

Great breakfast views

We received the funniest check-out reminder ever:

Oh, how we wish we could stay…

After one last snorkel…

We found Mr. Crab

…and some vitamine K…


…we got back on the boat to go to the airport. Goodbye Bora Bora!


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