Chile: Santiago

After another good night of sleep in our amazing B&B, we walked towards the funicular station, to take us all the way to the top of San Christobal hill. 

Funiculars, taking us back to Switzerland times…

We arrived at the top, and found it was quite hazy this morning. We still managed to see snow covered mountains in the distance though.

See the snow-capped peaks vaguely above Jenk’s head?
View on Santiago centre
… and virgen Mary

We took the funicular down again, and came by pretty art, pretty buildings, and even pretty wildlife while on our way to the Mercado Central!

First llama!
Wall art across from the funicular entrance
Finally got to see a penguin colony!
Unique protesting action: hundreds of paper penguins in a park to raise awareness to climate change.
One of the many University buildings throughout Santiago

We arrived at Mercado Central, and went in for lunch. You’re touted by dozens of waiters as soon as you set foot in the place, which is horrible. We did enjoy the market sights and sounds; fresh seafood was being sold everywhere.

Bringing in ice to cool the fresh fish

We found a place where the waiter wasn’t shouting at us, and had a delicious ceviche and paila marina (local seafood soup). Unfortunately, later that afternoon we’d feel this in our stomachs:(

We went on towards Plaza de Armas, where the Christmas tree was already set up.

We went into the square’s church, which had a gorgeous interior.

The church at Plaza de Armas.

From there, we made our way across a colourfull street and lots of old buildings towards the seat of government. The centre of Santiago truly is great for just wandering around. Every street you walk through, you’ll find interesting sights. It compliments nicely with the modern part of the city with tall scyscrapers that we saw on our first afternoon in the city.

Museum de Bellas Artes
The connected buildings taking us back to Switzerland as well
Proof that gnomes work at the Central Bank. Who else designs such a door?
Palacio de La Moneda, the seat of the Chilean president

From the Palacio, we walked towards Santa Lucia Castle Hill, an old castle we spotted while on top of San Sebastian Hill. We passed the Opera House, and some other common, but interesting buildings.

A pretty building across from the Opera House
Appropriate wall art in this huge city
First view of Santa Lucia Castle from the park below

We must have climbed hundreds and hundreds of steps, but it was worth it as all along the way to the top you are treated to new views of the castle.

Having reached the top, we took in the view, and decided that we really liked the city of Santiago.

Tomorrow, it’s onwards to Brazil!

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