Brazil: Sao Paolo

We landed in Sao Paolo ahead of schedule after a beautiful flight over Chile’s mountains. We took an Uber to our hotel, and had an early night. 

The next morning, we walked the 15 minutes to Praca da Republica, where the hop on hop off bus starts. We arrived early, and found a market was being set up right in front of the bus stop. They sold all kinds of stuff, from knits, to paintings, semiprecious stones, leather goods and souvenirs.

The Sunday market
Colourful leather paintings
Art with butterfly wings. Mesmerizing until you think about it…

We found a separate section of the market with food stalls. We had to try the Brazilian pastel. There’s all types of fillings, and they are delicious!

Pastel, the new love of our lives!Where were you all this time?

Then it was time for the bus tour. As it was Sunday, the Av. Paulista was closed off, so we didn’t see all the highlights. We decided we’d walk to the street after the tour ourselves. 

As it was a Sunday, the roads were relatively empty, meaning that we could drive the route much quicker than expected.

Love all the wall art in South America
Art is nice
THE soccer stadium
Monument to the Bandeiras to remember the discovery of central Brazil (called Pantanal)
The market of Japantown
One of the first highrises in SP
The Municipal Theatre
Metropolitana de Sao Paolo church from behind
Pretty church in the middle of the city
Running, biking, walking, eating at Av. Paulista on Sunday
Why not play badminton in the street?
Pastel #2 with palmheart and coxinhas (local chicken potato croquette balls)
MASP and its antique market below
Casa das Rosas
Japan House and an awesome mural
Modern art in the Japan House
Metropolitana de Sao Paolo church
Inside the church
Rich meets poor in Sao Paolo
Palace of Justice

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