Brazil: Paraty

We arrived in Paraty after a long and eventful bus ride. Our bus hit a car at a traffic light a couple hours into the ride from Sao Paolo! Fortunately the damage to the front of the bus was minor, and we were all wearing seatbelts, so we could continue after an hour. Arriving late afternoon, we got a first glimpse of Paraty as we walked to our Pousada (sort of hotel). Paraty is a small city founded during the gold rush in the 1800’s. Our Pousada is just across the bridge from the city centre, so we had this great view as we neared the hotel!

After unpacking, we went out again for an evening walk around the city. Paraty has a beautiful historic centre. It’s closed off for cars mostly, so you can enjoy the streets in peace. The streets are very cobbled though, so it’s really difficult to walk and look around at the pretty buildings at the same time!

People enjoying dinner across from the central square
At certain times of day, parts of Paraty are flooded with sea water. We didn’t see much of it when we were there.

We went for dinner at Maria Fulô Bistrô, and loved their filled tapiocas (sort of pancake but delicious) and cocktails. It became the only place we ate in Paraty!

Tapiocas are like pastels but much healthierand possibly even more delicious
Sunset from the bridge near our Pousada as we walked back

The next morning, we wanted to go on a boat tour visiting the neigbouring islands and beaches. Paraty beach isn’t so nice as a river makes the water brown and full of mud. But go a few kilometers away, and you find clear waters! We walked towards the pier to arrange a last minute boat.

Man delivering bananas
View from the pier onto the boats and the historic centre

We managed to book a nice boat, and an hour later, we were off! We had great sunbeds (the only boat to have this) and got a good tan before arriving at our first beach.

Beautiful beach and lovely water:)
Monkeying around!

Our day was filled with sunbathing, swimming, and we also had a snorkel. Holiday mood = on!

We had lunch on the boat at this pretty stop
Snorkeling at one of the islands

The day flew past and it was definitely worth the 90 reais (23 dollar)!

We made another evening stroll towards our favorite bistro, and really felt relaxed.

Paraty is pretty at every time of day
Gleaming cobble stones in the lamp lights

On our final morning in Paraty, we made another city stroll. Most shops haven’t opened their shutters yet, so the streets looked even more colourful.

Locals getting ready to start their day
Pretty street #1
The church near the pier

Pretty street #2
Old man painting his house (we saw a lot of people doing this now. Maybe to be ready for the Christmas ruch?)

Pretty street #3
The church near the river bridge

We fell in love with Paraty and its laid-back atmosphere. We wouldn’t mind staying here for longer. 

Alas, Rio is calling us! Let’s hope this bus ride goes more smoothly…

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