Peru: Lima ( Paracas & Nasca )

(WIP – expecting bad internet in the Galapagos, so publishing all photos already)

We arrived late in Lima, the city where Jos lived 7 years ago. We would be staying here for 6 days. Time enough to discover all the amazing food that Peru and Lima have to offer.

The next morning, we walked towards Larcomar, the well-known mall in Miraflores facing the ocean, we spotted traditional dancers performing! It was because the Dakar rally would start the next day from Lima.

Walked past this nice piece of art
Church at Parque Kennedy
Excavations in Miraflores
Museo Larco’s beautiful flower graden
Ear decorations from the Incas
Golden Inca headdresses

The next morning, Jenk got up at 3AM, as he would go on a very long daytrip to visit Paracas and Nasca. He’s going alone as Jos already saw these sites when she lived here. So this means our first day apart. While Jos spent this relaxing, it meant seeing lots of things for Jenk.

La candelabra (The candle stick) at Paracas
On the boat at Paracas to see the Islas Ballestas

From Paracas, it was another few hours drive by bus to Nasca. Then, it was time for Jenk to fly over the Nasca lines!

Hello there!
Colibri / Hummingbird

After the flight in the small plane over the lines, it was time to head back to Lima. He arrived around midnight only, but it was worth it!

The next morning we slept in, and before we knew it, it was the early afternoon. Time for lunch at Central, the 6th best restaurant in the world!

Piranhas as a course… Interesting!
They roast their own vegetables in the garden outside
Puente de Suspiros at Barranco
The ocean!
Circuito Magico del Agua

Goodbye Lima, onto the Galapagos!

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