Peru: Ollantaytambo & Cusco

(Work in progress – published only to better edit in low-WiFi conditions)

Free Ollantaytambo ruins with views over the city and the paid ruins
Random ruins we discovered while walking around town
People sure were small in ancient times

After discovering the city and another great lunch at Panqa, we took a taxi to Cusco. When we arrived there it was late, so after doing some laundry we went to bed.

Santo Domingo Monastery
Coricancha ruins inside the Santo Domingo monastery
Throughout the city there are Inca walls still standing. They are of incredible craftmanship as no mortar was used to hold the walls together
Rainy Plaza de Armas
Plaza de Armas
New Year’s run at the Plaza de Armas, with people dressed in yellow running counter clockwise for luck
Streets of Cusco
The climb to the Cristo Blanco statue was unbelievably tough. Steep steps at >3.5km altitude!
Locals burning candles for luck on New Year’s day
Cusco’s Plaza de Armas from above
Sacsayhuaman, an ancient Inca site near Cristo Blanco
Relaxing in the grass is all you need sometimes…
The best food in ages in Organika
Inside the Inca museum
The mummies at the Inca museum
Feast for the eyes at Organika
Yes it does taste as good as it looks
Goodbye Cusco!

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