Colombia: Salento & Bogotá

We took the 7 hour bus from Medellín to Salento. Once there we went on a downhill mountainbiking adventure, and hiked the Cocora valley. We then flew to Bogotá, and spent some days discovering one of the highest capitals of the world (2’700m altitude). Our base was in La Candelaria, a nice neighbourhood with lots of culture.

Gorgeous valley views as the jeep drives us up the mountains (while our mountain bike guide is smoking weed and later lights a pipe…)
Found the highest palms in the world (wax palms)
Downhilling from 3’400m to 2’900m when we reached the Carbonera Palm forest.
Even more wax palms than in Cocora valley!
Lots of colibris at Finca Carbonera, where we stopped for a snack
The kitchen of this traditional finca house
Almost made it back to Salento after 20km of biking
Dramatic views as we exit the collective taxi to hike at Cocora valley
Goodbye beautiful nature

Onto a flight to Bogotá.

Main square
Delicious and heart warming Colombian local food
The street behind the main square sells only weapons and military gear to the public. Great idea…
Another perfect Botero. Love this guy!
Trippy wall art in La Candelaria
Going to see Bogotá from up high
Smoggy smog
Bogotá’s highest church
Breath taking wall art at La Candelaria just near us
Gold museum time: pre-colombian art
Pretty church

Bye Bogotá, onwards to northern Colombia. Time for beach, Santa Marta and Cartagena!

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