We flew from Cartagena via Bogotá to Aruba. Here we rented an amazing Airbnb studio for the week. From there, we discovered the island by car. Lots to see above water, and surprisingly also below! We snorkeled twice to a ship wreck from the Second World War, and the ship and its corals & fish were amazing.

Fresh seafood dinner at Zeerovers on our first evening
Sunset from the pier
Tarpons at Zeerovers

Discovering the island the next day:

Old gold mining ruins
Rough seas on the northern shores
The lighthouse on the most north western part of the island
View from the lighthouse
Divi divi tree
Another shipwreck close to shore
Walking towards Natural Pool in Arikok National Park
Sand dunes with lovely views
Can you spot our resident mountain goat?
That’s what happens when you drive a jeep on these shores
Natural pool
Who’d ever throw away sushi?!
Southern part of Arikok National Park
Baby beach
City centre
Palm beach
Chilling at Palm beach
Final sunset

That’s it. The week flew by. Now onto Bonaire for almost a week to go diving!

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