Bye bye Aruba & bye bye beaches
Smallest plane ever (only room for 6!)
Let’s discover the island for a day prior to starting our 4 days of diving
JiveCity beach
Getting creative with ocean rubbish (not us)
There are over 600 wild donkeys on Bonaire
Old slave houses
Watching kite surfers!
Pink salt pans at the southern side of the island
This is actually foam coming from the salt pans
1000 steps beach. Saw a yellow frogfish here while snorkeling!
Yellow warbler
Slagbaai National Park in the north of Bonaire

Then came 4 days of diving all day with just the two of us. Given Bonaire has only shore dives and no currents, this was easy. Our GoPro waterproof case broke, so no footage unfortunately. But we saw some new animals and beautiful corals, making it lovely dives.

Prior to our last dive
We both have over 100 dives now. Party!
What do you do when you know each other for 6yrs? Well, you go for pizza of course!
… and a lovely sunset
… and ice cream!

After an intense 6 days in Bonaire, it’s time to have 2 days in Curacao prior to leaving for Cuba. On to the final letter of the ABC islands;)

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