Colombia: Santa Marta, beach and Cartagena

We flew from Bogotá to Santa Marta.

From there, we went to the beach next to Tayrona Park (which is closed for a month). Two days of beach & ocean without wifi! And we also got to meet up with long time friends from around the globe!

Tropical vibes at the Santa Marta beach front…
Our hotel in Santa Marta

Beach time!

Looong looooong bus ride to Cartagena. It was worth the hassle as soon as we arrived. We love this place!

Our hotel
The neighbourhood where we stayed, Getsemani, was the coolest hood of Cartagena!
Typical street on our way to the fort
The old fort
Tunnels inside the fort
View from the top onto the old city
Locals seeking shade from the intense sun
Pretty flowers everywhere you look
Pescado fresco! Pescado freeescoooo!!!
Candy lane
Old slave market
Beach at Cartagena (old town still visible in the background)
Back street of the hotel in Getsimani
Clocktower in the old city walls

And with a beautiful sunset dance performance, we left Cartagena behind.

Onto the Caribbean; Aruba here we come!

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