Cuba: Havana & Viñales

We flew from Curaçao, via Haiti, to Cuba. After a delightful hour of interrogation by the Cuban customs, they were finally convinced we weren’t American NGO people and we were welcomed into the country. A swift taxi ride later, we arrived in our casa particulares in Havana Vieja (Old). Just enough time for a first round through the old city centre.

Pretty sights on our evening walk through Havana Vieja

The next day, we discovered the city proper.

Vote SI for the new constitution! (On Febr 24th)
The old palace turned museum of the Revolution
Inside the old palace
Funny yet disturbing propaganda
Old cars display outside the museum
Old cars everywhere really!
This is central Havana, and such stores selling only a few items are everywhere
Ancient machinery
What have you when the government sets prices for everything
The most adorable puppy ever to roam the earth. So tiny ❤
There isn’t a lot of street art in Havana, so this was cool to witness
Dilapitated buildings
Delicious & affordable lobster! And did you say cheap cocktails?!

The next day, we went on a day trip to Viñales, the tabacco growing part of the country. It also has beautiful hills and landscapes. The trip was with Cubatur, part of the government, and we found this out the hard way. We had to listen to propaganda throughout the whole 3.5 hour bus journey there. “On your left is a factory that makes insuline.” “This is our national highway. It’s 6 lanes wide and 12 kilometers long.” “This is the bus stop for local buses.” It wouldn’t stop. At some point the volume was turned down so we could enjoy our books. It was all worth it when we reached the Viñales region.

Well, if it works…
Viewpoint Los Jazmines onto Viñales valley
Awesome cow
Next stop was a tabacco growing farm
The tabacco farmer and our tour guide
Enjoying a local cigar
Lunch while looking at a white heron
Then a nice walk and boat ride in the pretty Cuevo de los Indios
Gecko with tiny fly on its head outside the cave

One more full day in Havana! Time to experience a classic car, and visit the Jesus statue and old fort for nice views overlooking the city.

Shiny cars with famous bar Floridita in the background
Vibrant house on our way to the Jesus statue…
Made it!
Old war machinery outside the fort
Fort overlooking the Malécon of Havana
Colourful old car
Wonderful Malécon ride in our pretty pink classic!
Blending in…

After 3 full days in Havana we felt like a local. The vibe and food here are amazing! Now on to Trinidad.

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