Cuba: Trinidad & Varadero

From Havana, we took a shared modern taxi to Trinidad. After a short 4 hours, we arrived just in time for sunset.

Sun setting over Trinidad’s main square
Pretty evening stroll through the centre

The next morning, we went horse back riding through the nature around Trinidad. Such a great decision!

After an hour on horse back, our first stop was a cup of coffee at the entrance to a waterfall
Found a snake on our way walking to the waterfall
Arrived! Time to cool off from the insane heat
The waterfall and swimming hole were gorgeous

We were back in the early afternoon, and went to discover the city.

Colourful streets of Trinidad
Do you want eggs, eggs, eggs, or eggs?
The tv set in our Casa Particulares
Trinidad’s Cathedral
View from the chapel tower
Overlooking the mountains
Inside one of Trinidad’s old houses
Pretty views on top of the house
View on the main square
Relaxing the Cuban way on our roof terrace after a long day
Sunset from our roof terrace

The next morning, we left for Varadero. Only the modern, aircon car we were promised to share with only 2 others, never came. Instead, we were shoved into an old car with 6 other passengers already there. With 8 persons plus driver, we were then driving through the Cuban country side. No airco, and no way to move. We certainly felt local…

After a wonderful 4 hour drive, we arrived in our resort. 5 Days of relaxing as best we could followed. We tried not to notice the delapitated buildings and rooms; the lack of towels; the restaurants that ran out of food; the unmotivated staff… It was interesting to experience a planned economy first hand. The local alcohol (which was all they served) flowed freely though. It’s cheaper than serving regular drinks here in Cuba. No wonder most people (ahem Russians) were walking around blissfully unaware of what was happening on the resort.

Regardless, we had a great time on this beautiful beach.

How could you not feel relaxed at this gorgeous view?
Water biking!
Wonderful ocean

We left Varadero refreshed and ready to reconnect to the internet and real life again!

Unfortunately, we were again stopped at Varadero airport because we looked like Americans. After minutely studying our passports and afterwards our luggage and bodies, we were reluctantly let go. They even read through all paperwork (our diving log books and vaccination passports) in our hand luggage?!

A little less relaxed, we took off.

On to Miami!

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