USA: Miami

We landed in Miami after flying an hour from Cuba. Within no time, we had our rental car, and off we went. That afternoon we spent at our hotel, happy to have internet again.

The next morning, we left early for our long road trip towards Key West.

Driving over the Keys was beautiful. You cross lots of bridges with the ocean surrounding you from all sides. It was very relaxing (once you were out of Miami that is)!

Our first stop was at Robbie’s, on Islamorada Key, to feed huge tarpons.

This pelican is a little too interested in our chumbucket

The tarpons jump out of the water to grab your fish. Only, sometimes they also grab your hand, as happened with Jos. You can see the blood until even above her wrist! Fortunately, they just scrape away the skin like rough sandpaper.

Jenk having a go

Then we were on the road again. We stopped at 7 mile bridge for lunch.

Pretty views from the car onto 7 mile bridge
Eery island off 7 mile bridge

We made it; Key West! Walking through the old centre was nice. The buildings are all from around 1900 and make the streets have lots of atmosphere.

Time for a well deserved Sangria!

The lighthouse
Free Coupons mail boxes
Chickens are protected in Key West, which has a history of cock fighting. Now they are everywhere. Love it:)
We made it to the Southernmost point of continental USA!
There’s lots of competition over who has the “southernmost” anything
Flashback to Cuba

Our final stop before heading back was Smathers beach.

Smathers beach, Key West
A tornado unsuccessfully forming on our way back
Old collapsed bridge

We stopped for dinner at Bayside Gourmet on Islamorada, and had the traditional Keys dessert; key lime pie! Oooh, so heavy & so good!

The next day we didn’t stray far, and went to Miami Beach. We were blown away (also figuratively)…

Miami Beach South Pointe Pier
Huge container ships going by
Not as impressive as the outside gym at Santa Monica, but very cool
We’re in Miami, Beach!
Sunset over the city centre on our way back from Miami Beach

And… That’s it. That was our 7 month trip. It flew by. Tomorrow afternoon, we return back to the Netherlands. All that’s left is some shopping tomorrow morning before our flight. It feels mixed to return, but we’re looking forward to the next chapter in our lives.

See you around!

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